Drone But Not Forgotten

Adam Rory Porter reflects on the “retirement” of Windy Day Media’s first drone accompanied by some spectacular footage of the Inishowen Peninsula.

My Queen and our three wee princesses snuggled up last night to watch a wee tribute my colleague in Windy Day Media Emmet created.

Lot’s of unseen and unpublished footage from our trips around the beautiful Inishowen Peninsula, County Donegal and her Islands. A lovely way to reminisce of all the great times we had with our oldest and first but now retired, DJI / DJI Phantom Pilots Phantom 2 Vision Plus drone.

I didn’t think it meant as much as it did to my little girls as floods of tears abounded about poor wee McDroneface and all the wonderful times we had together. He has retired to Emmets house and my little princesses’ want to visit him this weekend to let him know they miss him. 🙂

Please sit back and enjoy a tribute to our wee McDroneface… His newer brother, Droney McDroneface is working hard to be just as good his forebear

Adam Rory Porter

Windy Day Media and Inishowen Art




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