Landing Pages – How to Create a Landing Page For Free and Set Up an Income Stream

If you’re like me, designing websites isn’t easy. However , I think it’s important to understand the basics of the creation of websites if you wish to have an online presence. In this article , I’ll show how anyone can build an income-generating website with completely free online resources, which Google is a fan of.

My Number One Resource…

The award is presented to Squidoo. I’m a huge fan of Squidoo due to a myriad of reasons.

Squidoo allows you to build pages for landing pages to add to your list , or to review products as an affiliate. When done properly, Squidoo is an essential tool to the arsenal of affiliates. There are many reasons to consider using Squidoo for affiliates

1. You could get an Google rank if you choose the appropriate keywords and keep your site updated.

2. Squidoo is a top Google Page Rank of 8

3. You are able to sell and promote yourself at your own discretion without limitations.

4. You can join Squidoo in affiliate status to review or promote the product

5. You may link to your website/ blog, or an affiliate-related product.

6. Create your list using an opt-in box.

I’ve learned from my followers that price is a major factor to consider when beginning your journey. Squidoo is my preferred choice since it’s extremely adaptable and powerful in the eyes of Google.

If you can master Squidoo you will be able to make a decent income. But it’s not a matter of creating a landing pages. Promote your lens by pinging. Create a blog about your subject and then link it directly to the Squidoo home page. Make comments on other’s lenses and you’ll start to see some visitors.

Repeat this process regularly and watch your traffic increase. Afterall sending visitors to a highly converting offer is what effective marketing is all about. If you’re selling yourself, or via affiliates, mastering the art of landing pages and copywriting skills will get you on the path to establishing credibility and earning a steady income stream.

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