5 Tools That Help Me Check Backlinks to My Site

Up until a couple of months ago I was using Yahoo Site Explorer for a while to look up Private Blog Network LinksĀ 
to my website, but in the wake of the merger of Yahoo as well as Bing engine, Yahoo Site Explorer had to be closed. It was widely assumed that a tool with similar capabilities was to be available through Bing’s webmaster’s center, however that isn’t happening yet.

It led me to search for a new backlink checker that I could use to verify the backlinks that my website has to. After a bit of digging and searching I was able discover a number of great backlink checkers that you could utilize to look up backlinks for your websites.

1. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is offers the Majestic Site Explorer which also includes a backlink searcher, and tools to find the most effective backlinks, referring pages , and domains for each website.

Majestic SEO also provides you with tools to assist you in analyzing the patterns of link building your competitors are following. This is particularly useful in determining the most effective methods for building backlinks.

The downside is that Majestic SEO does have an issue in that it’s not completely cost-free. Based on the amount of websites you wish to gain backlink information on, Majestic SEO offers a array of plans. If you are able to pay for the monthly fee, Majestic SEO is an outstanding backlink searcher.

2. Market Samurai

Market Samurai, which allows search engine optimization and competitor research and also gives us the number of backlinks that a website is able to have. Inside, Market Samurai makes use of the backlink checker in bulk of Majestic SEO to check backlinks to your website and provide an overview.

Market Samurai could not be beneficial if you’re looking for more in-depth information on the backlinks such as websites and the pages on which the backlinks are located. If, however, you’re only looking to find the amount of backlinks a site has Market Samurai serves the goal perfectly.

3. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer has become my go-to backlink search tool ever following the time that Yahoo Site Explorer shut down. Open Site Explorer allows me to look up backlinks on my website and filter them according to the source and the destination that the link is pointing to.

Alongside the domains and pages that the backlinks reside, Open Site Explorer also provides information about the anchor text that is used in backlinks, as well as details on the authority of the page as well as the authority of the domain of the website and page that the backlink located. This is especially helpful when you’re looking into the website of your competitor.

This free tool restricts the quantity and quality of information about backlinks that you are able to see. If you’re doing this type of research as a professional then it might be worth investing in an account with SEOMoz which is the business which offers Open Site Explorer. Be aware that the no-cost version that comes with Open Site Explorer is still the best backlink finder for free available to help me look up backlinks for my website.

4. Google Webmaster Central

Google Webmaster Central is another site that lets you examine backlinks for your website. The biggest drawback with the tool lies in that it can only look up backlinks on your site. It does not provide any method to perform any study on a website’s backlinks.

5. Using Google’s Search Engine

One of the less well-known characteristics that Google’s Search Engine has is that it is employed as a backlink checker for checking backlinks on your website. If you’re looking for all backlinks that point to a particular site and you want to search for the phrase “link:site URL”.

After weighing all the possibilities, Open Site Explorer is the backlink checking tool that can help me find backlinks for my website and also my competitor’s website for the lowest cost.